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Sarah GlynnSarah Glynn is an academic and architect. She has been a Lecturer in Human Geography at the University of Edinburgh and a Teaching Fellow in Geography at St Andrews, and is an Associate Member of St Andrews Centre for Housing Research. Her recent publications have included work on multiculturalism, Islamism, and housing.

She studied architecture at Trinity College Cambridge and Oxford Polytechnic, and worked as an architect for 13 years before returning to academia.

Her PhD, from University College London, looked at the political mobilisation of immigrants in the London's East End.

Her academic interest in housing issues evolved out of practical involvement with tenants’ organisations in Dundee, where she lives, and in other parts of Scotland; and she has taken an active part in policy debate.

Her book Where the Other Half Lives: lower income housing in a neoliberal world was published by Pluto Press in 2009.

She has recently helped establish a web-based organisation for unemployed workers in Scotland - see www.scottishunemployedworkers.net

Hilltown Dundee
Muslim fair
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