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Where the Other Half Lives

This book was published in 2009 and can be bought through Amazon

'At last, a cross-national treatment - theoretical as well as empirical - of how neoliberalism has impacted housing policies and programs, and their effects on us all' Chester Hartman

'To feel secure people, particularly families, need good well-maintained housing, where they know they can live without fear of having to leave. Our society has consistently failed to provide this. We are told the market will be the answer, but it isn't. I hope this book will explain why, and point the way to a socially responsible economy.' Ken Loach

'This should be required reading for housing practitioners, activists, researchers and students alike' Joe Doherty

Indian Mansions

This is the Indian edition of Indian Mansions: a social history of the Haveli (no longer in print)

'a well-informed and readable social history' Times Literary Supplement

Downloadable drafts of many of these papers are available on this website. You are welcome to use and distribute them so long as they are fully acknowledged.

If you need copies of the final published version and do not have access to it, please email


‘Dundee Responds: a reply to Nathan Abrams’ article in Northern Scotland on the history of Dundee’s Jewish community, and to his earlier book chapter, on which that article was based’ Northern Scotland 4 pp 87-86 [downloadable - html pdf]


'You can't demolish your way out of a housing crisis', City:analysis of urban trends, culture, theory, policy, action 16:6 pp 656-671 [downloadable - html pdf]

'Blowing up the Past, Destroying the Future', New Left Project

'Muslims and the Left: An English case study', Ethnicities 12:5 pp 581-602 [downloadable - html pdf]


‘Oor Destroyed Hoosis’ Scottish Left Review 64 pp 20-21

‘"Regeneration” in Interesting Times: a story of privatisation and gentrification in a peripheral Scottish city’ in Mixed Communities: Gentrification by stealth?, edited by Gary Bridge, Tim Butler, and Loretta Lees, Bristol: Policy Press [downloadable - html pdf]

‘Playing the Ethnic Card – politics and segregation in London’s East End’, Urban Studies [downloadable - html pdf]

‘Marxism and Multiculturalism’, Human Geography [downloadable - html pdf]

‘Liberalising Islam: creating Brits of the Islamic Persuasion’ in Muslim Spaces of Hope: Geographies of Possibility in Britain and the West, Edited by Richard Phillips, London: Zed [downloadable - html pdf]

Where the other half lives: lower-income housing in a neoliberal world (Editor) London: Pluto Press (As well as editing this, I have written 6 out of 13 chapters.)

‘The Housing Question’ Concept (Journal of Contemporary Community Education, Practice and Theory) pp 19-23 [downloadable - html pdf]

‘Soft Selling Gentrification?’ Urban Research and Practice 1:2 pp 164-180 [downloadable - html pdf]

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‘The Spirit of ’71 - how the Bangladeshi War of Independence has haunted Tower Hamlets’ Socialist History Journal 29 pp 56-75 [downloadable - html pdf]

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The Way We Worked: an oral history by members of St Hilda’s East Community Centre and Stepney Jewish Community Centre, St Hilda’s, London. (I organised the project, conducted the English interviews and edited the material for publication as a booklet.)

(Publications before 1996 are under Sarah Glynn's former married name of Tillotson.)
‘Havelis Today: Skeletons of an Extinct Culture’ in The India Magazine, March pp 18-27

Indian Mansions: A Social History of the Haveli, Oleander Press, Cambridge, republished by Orient Longman, Hyderabad  India, 1998

‘“Cultural Tourism” or Cultural Destruction’ in Economic and Political Weekly, Bombay, September 17th pp 1940-1941

‘An Indian “Stately Home” - The Preservation of Jodhpur Fort’ in South Asian Studies 3 pp 71-79

‘The tourist: defender or destroyer; Preserving monuments’ in The India Magazine, March
pp 36-43

Book reviews
Review of Searching for Community: Representation, power and action on an urban estate by Jeremy Brent, Urban Studies 47:3 pp 684-685 (2010)

Review of Housing Market Renewal and Social Class by Chris Allen, Urban Studies 46:3 pp 707-709 (2009)

Review of Regulating Social Housing: governing decline by David Cowan and Morag McDermont, Urban Studies 44:13 pp 2698-2699 (2007)

Review of Strangers, aliens, and Asians: Huguenots, Jews, and Bangladeshis in Spitalfields, 1660 – 2000 by Anne J Kershen, for Ethnic and Racial Studies (2006)

Review of Facism, Anti-facism and Britain in the 1940s by David Renton, for London Socialist Historians Newsletter (January 2001)

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