As an ARCHITECT, I have worked on new designs and with historic buildings, and I have qualified in Passive House design. I have worked on my own and with various private practices, including Donald Insall Associates and Cowper Griffith Architects. I currently work on walking and cycling infrastructure with Sustrans Scotland.

As an ACADEMIC, I have looked at issues around lower-income housing and around multiculturalism. I have written about public housing, ‘regeneration’, housing in a neoliberal economy, immigrant political mobilisation, the rise of identity politics, and Islamism. I have worked as a University Lecturer at the University of Edinburgh and the University of the West of Scotland, and as a Teaching Fellow at St Andrews.

As an ACTIVIST, I have played a central role in the establishment and running of the Scottish Unemployed Workers’ Network, which combines grassroots support with campaigning. I have also organised tenants’ campaigns – especially against demolitions – and have contributed to debates on housing policy. I am co-convenor of Scottish Solidarity with Kurdistan.

In the course of these different activities I have produced a lot of writing and visual images. This website is designed to serve as a personal library/portfolio.