As an ARCHITECT, I have worked on new designs and with historic buildings, and I have qualified in Passive House design. I have worked on my own and with various private practices, including Donald Insall Associates and Cowper Griffith Architects in Cambridge, and have worked on walking and cycling infrastructure with Sustrans Scotland.

As an ACADEMIC, I have looked at issues around lower-income housing and around multiculturalism. I have written about public housing, ‘regeneration’, housing in a neoliberal economy, immigrant political mobilisation, the rise of identity politics, and Islamism. I have worked as a University Lecturer at the University of Edinburgh and the University of the West of Scotland, and as a Teaching Fellow at St Andrews.

As an ACTIVIST, I played a central role in the establishment and running of the Scottish Unemployed Workers’ Network, which combined grassroots support with campaigning. I have also organised tenants’ campaigns – especially against demolitions – and have contributed to debates on housing policy. I have campaigned for Palestinian rights, and I was co-convenor of Scottish Solidarity with Kurdistan. I am now based in Strasbourg, where I am active with the Kurdish freedom movement, especially through my writing.

In the course of these different activities I have produced a lot of written material and visual images. This website is designed to serve as a personal library/portfolio.

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